Amazing Hockey Fact

Here’s something a bit unusual for you NHL fans to think about: The “Winter Classic” has been played four years now. Each time, one of the participants wins the Stanley Cup 18 months later.

Year Winter Classic Teams Stanley Cup Winner
2008 Pittsburgh @ Buffalo (won by Pittsburgh) Detroit (irrelevant)
2009 Detroit @ Chicago (won by Detroit) Pittsburgh
2010 Philadelphia @ Boston (won by Boston) Chicago
2011 Washington @ Pittsburgh (won by Washington) Boston
2012 New York Rangers @ Philadelphia (won by New York) ?
2013 Toronto @ Detroit

See? If you play in the Winter Classic, you have a 50% chance of winning the Stanley Cup the following year. Poor Vancouver, the deck was stacked against them from the outset.

Based on this amazing phenomenon, I predict that Pittsburgh or Washington will win the Cup in 2012.

But I hope this pattern breaks soon, because Philly is getting too many chances! Having them win the Cup would make a Pens fan like me sick.

But there’s a wrinkle: in 2011 there was also a Heritage Classic played, with Calgary hosting Montreal. It’s possible this could throw a wrench into the works, but in 2003 the first Heritage Classic was played, and neither Edmonton nor Montreal went on to win in 2004, so I don’t think that’s a factor.

[Update: neither Calgary or Montreal made the playoffs in 2012; guess that won’t affect things.]

[Update#2: OK, that’s been blown to bits by NY’s exit at the hands of NJ. Go Kings!]

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Personal Entry

July 2003

I hadn’t put any images into a blog posting, so I thought I would do one, just to see what they look like when created via this Snow Leopard Server software.

So, here it is. Yes, that is me. Most people that know me don’t think of me as such an exuberant person, but I can assure you that this really is me. I did calm down after a while, returning to my normal, placid self.

Since this is a personal entry (and I’m trying to fill up space) I will mention that I’ve been (re)reading some James Thurber stuff lately. One particularly witty essay he wrote describes the life of a writer of essays. There was much to snicker about, but what comes to mind now is his confession of the fear that you just spent the last two days developing an idea, only to realize it was probably done twice as cleverly by Robert Benchley in 1924.

Benchley’s great too. I first heard of him via those shorts he did, that now appear as fillers between feature length films on Turner Classic Movies. I found those amusing, so when I saw that Michael J. Nelson (formerly of MST3K, lately of Rifftrax) mentioned him as an influence, I put “some book by Robert Benchley” on my Christmas list. Susan obliged, and yes… even though some of the material is approaching 100 years old, it still strikes a funny bone. (Mine is a somewhat laconic funny bone, but it gets struck nonetheless.) Some things never change.

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You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

So I’m doing some research related to my block of IP Addresses and I notice that Wellsboro Area School District has a block very close to mine. I then notice that they have a fixed address pointing at a machine named ‘library.’ Recalling that one of my earliest forays onto the internet involved using Telnet to access Mansfield University’s library database, I thought I’d take a look and see what WASD had going. This is what I found:

welcomeSheesh, Microsoft: we know you’d be embarrassed to attempt the smooth animation of the OS X welcome screen, but you should have at least added the stars to make the rip-off a bit more complete.

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