Leopard Weblog Needs MySQL

I suppose most people would know this, but I didn’t: if you turn MySQL off, Leopard weblogs stop working. During a review of what was going on with my Leopard OS X Server, I found that MySQL was running. Thinking “I don’t use MySQL for anything,” I turned it off.

Fortunately for me, I needed to access a note here a couple of days later, but was greeted with a “Service Not Available” error. A couple of moments later I recalled that I had just turned MySQL off, so I turned it back on. Still no weblogs. Stop/Start the web server and Leopard put up a very helpful dialog, informing me that there may be firewall issues. A quick trip to the firewall settings and now I know: turning MySQL on via the “Select the services to configure on this server” list in the main server settings window does not reopen the necessary firewall port.

Date Unknown (June 1, 2010)

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